University of Wah Admission

University of Wah Admission

The vision of the University of Wah is to provide knowledge in the fields of Standard, Social, Computer, Management and Engineering Sciences plus in liberal arts, inculcating universal character of truth, beauty and kindness one of the youthful generation on one hand and to offer befitting research platform for contributing original analysis to the world analysis pool for the service of humanity on the other. It further goals at imbuing students with higher and noble values of Islam and for socializing them into well completed persons ever prepared to serve their own nation and also humanity at large.

Since its organization, the University registered development unmatched by any other University in the country at the similar early stage, and it’s also now in the process of producing a community of scholars committed to making in roads into however uncharted areas of knowledge both in the emerging and common disciplines for which several facilities of advanced values are being offered at the campus.

University of Wah Admission 2014

Get here all the information related to the University of Wah which is comprised of fee structure, merit list, faculty, departments, entry test date, last date, admission forms, admission procedure/requirements, prospectus, courses and programmes (undergraduate, postgraduate & graduate) and other. Moreover you can also get contact information including phone number, address, fax, email, etc. You can too see the about section of University of Wah under the fields.

 University of Wah Fee Structure

Below is the fee structure of University of Wah:

Description BIS, PHY, CHM, MATH CPS MGT Other Faculties PKS, ISL, SOC, PSY, EDU, STAT, ENG, ECO
Admission Fee(Once) 2,200 2,200 2,200 2,200
Registration Fee(Once) 2,200 2,200 2,200 2,200
Security Fee(Once-Refundable) 2,200 2,200 2,200 2,200
Total (A) 6,600 6,600 6,600 6,600

Semester Fee

Tuition Fee 22,300* 27,378* 44,616* 20,280*
Sports Fee 190 190 190 190
Welfare Fee 190 190 190 190
Magazine Fee 90 90 90 90
Examination Fee 930 930 930 930
Internet/Computer Fee 290 290 290 290
Miscellaneous Breakage Fee 290 290 290 290
Total (B) 24,280 29,358 46,596 22,260
Total Fee Tariff (A+B) 30,880 35,958 53,196 28,860

Summer Semester

1,000 / credit Hrs 1,500 / credit Hrs 1,500 / credit Hrs 1,000 / credit Hrs
Semester Result Card Fee 200 200 200 200
Provisional Certificate WEC 500 500 500 500
Transcript Fee 750 750 750 750
Migration Certificate Fee 200 200 200 200
Migration Fee (From other University) 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000
Paper Re-Checking Fee 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000
Thesis Fee 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000
Degree Fee 4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000
Student Identity Card Fee 100 100 100 100

University of Wah Admission Procedure

The whole admission procedure is discussed below, have a look:

University of Wah Admission Procedure

 University of Wah Download Form

Download forms directly by clicking on the links below:

Wah University Prospectus

Click here to download prospectus 2013-2014

University of Wah Contact Number

Address: University of Wah , Quaid Avenue, Wah Cantt

Phone Number: 051-905522255-56

Fax #: 051-9314311

Email: info@uow.edu.pk

About Wah University

About Wah University

Ranking University of Wah as among the best institutions of higher education and study centre in Pakistan had always been his most favorite dream. Actually it was the central phase towards which all his efforts were directed.

He also organized necessary offices and memberships of dozens of national and also international businesses associated to education and research. His factor as a director Research and advancement in Pakistan Ordinance Factories (POF) will always be acknowledged.


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